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Multiomics web portal is developed under the SERB/DST Ramanujan Fellowship project. For many decades, the natural phenomenon to understand the complex biological process is to find the similarities and/or differences that are observed in between various organisms. Later the journey has shifted to the cross comparison of similarities/differences within the same organism but across different species and up to sub cellular level. With many decades passed with this steady but slow progression, a revolution came through the human genome project that we refer as post-genomic era. With the divide and conquer principle, we are successful enough to understand the biology up to certain extent at the level of gene, protein, transcript, metabolite and many other individual components/processes. However, these individual sub domain studies are still far away from giving a complete answer to many complex biological problems.

A step towards one stop resource for multi omics data

  • To bring potential answers to the surface, it is necessary to go with the concept of ‘study the system as a whole’. It not only gives the idea of the functional aspect of an organism at global level, but also gives complete knowledge about how each cellular constituent function together in order to accomplish their particular task! But the question is how to get to there and what all we have to do to bring the information that is obtained from many approaches together to capitalize the potential these individual domains hold. To address this issue, we are trying to develop an integrated platform to combine the genomic, proteomic and metabolomics resources and help enhancing our understanding level of biology.



we invite you to take a look of our databases


Phaseolus vulgaris Transcription Factors Database (PvTFDB) using various computational methods.


A web-resource containing information on Nutrient Use Efficiency (NtUE).


CmMDb is the first online web resource developed for genome-wide analysis of Cucumis melo L.


The Uttarakhand medicinal plants database containing around 1000 species of Uttarakhand.

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