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CmMDb is the first online web resource developed for genome-wide analysis of Cucumis melo L. This freely available web resource will facilitate the researchers to select the most appropriate markers for marker-assisted selection in melons in order to understand the evolution of cucurbits and the improvement of breeding strategies. This resource also provides marker-based orthology information among chromosomes of Melon and other Cucurbitaceae crops, viz., Cucumber and watermelon.

Melon (Cucumis melo L.) is a commercially important fruit crop that is cultivated worldwide with 29 million tons of melons produced worldwide in 2009. Melon has been recently considered to be a tractable model crop for studying functional genomics, as it possesses a small genome (~450 Mb), short life-cycle, rich genetic diversity (~800 varieties), inbreeding nature, and especially, its potential abiotic stress tolerance. The availability of draft genome sequence of Melon had motivated us to identify, characterize, analyze and construction of a web-based database, CmMDb, which facilitates the researchers to use the generated microsatellites data to produce best cultivers of melon.

The design of CmMDb database schema follows the "Three-Level-Schema" architecture, is shown in figure 1, developed using open-source softwares, MySQL, Apache and PHP. The CmMDb schema is shown in the figure 2. CMAP has been integrated with CmMDb for viewing and comparing marker data between Melon and other Cucurbits, viz., Cucumber and Watermelon.

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Bhawna, Chaduvula PK, Bonthala VS, Manjusha V, Siddiq EA, Gajula MNVP. (2015) CmMDb: A Versatile Database for Cucumis melo Microsatellite Markers and Other Horticulture Crop Research. PLoS ONE 10(4): e0118630. Read Full Paper

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