Dev Bhoomi, Uttarakhand is blessed with majestic natural beauty, great wealth of medicinal plants and traditional medicinal knowledge. Since prehistoric times medicinal plants and their products are the primary source of medicine, food and a highly valued resource in all over world. Medicinal plants are one of the most important components of the forests of Himalaya and are still considered as a rich source of novel natural compounds in the current era of drug discovery.  Since last few decades’ medicinal plants are also getting wide attention and recognition throughout global biotechnology markets. Keeping in mind the need for medicinal values of the plants we developed a comprehensive database based on available genomic information of Uttarakhand medicinal plants. This database contains about 1100 medicinal plants of Uttarakhand, which are widely distributed in different regions of Uttarakhand state. The taxonomic and genomic information embedded in this database is manually derived from the different literatures published in reputed journals. The database contains the following entries for individual plant species including: botanical name, common name, taxonomy, genomic taxonomy id, habit, habitat, location in Uttarakhand, part use, medicinal use, genomic information including number of nucleotides, proteins, ESTs (available on NCBI), chemical information (available on Pubchem), and scientific literatures (available on Pubmed), all of these entries have been manually curated and annotated. We anticipate that this database will be helpful for researchers, academicians, school students, ethnobotanists, conservationists, resource managers, nature enthusiasts etc to encouragement towards enhancement of genomic knowledge of medicinal plants.

Please note that all information included in database homepage is based on our current investigations which can hardly cover all the data in a restricted time. We would be grateful if you could give us your information, questions, or comments to Anuj Kumar.

Acknowledgements: Authors would like to give their sincere thanks to Mr. Deepak Kumar, Secretary, IT, ST & BT Government of Uttarakhand for giving a chance to build this database. We also thankful to Prof. RD Gaur (Hony. Emeritus Professor, HNB Garhwal University, Srinagar) and Dr. AK Mishra (Senior Scientist, IARI, New Delhi) for proofreading of taxonomic and genomic data. We also thank all the people supporting this project including: Aditi Chauhan, Shilpa Baliyan, Rashi Rana and Manish Kumar.