Question: What is Uttarakhand Medicinal Plant Database?
Answer: Uttarakhand Medicinal Plant Database is a comprehensive repository of manually annotated 1100 medicinal plants of Uttarakhand, which are widely distributed in different regions of Uttarakhand state.

Question: How many species do exist in Uttarakhand Medicinal Plant Database?
Answer: As of March, 2017., the database contains ~1100 plant species widely distributed in Uttarakhand state.

Question: Uttarakhand Medicinal Plant Database? Ain’t any other database?
Answer: There is a dearth of genomic information records from Uttarakhand based medicinal plants. With no database available containing information about genomic information including number of nucleotides, proteins, ESTs (available on NCBI), chemical information (available on Pubchem), and scientific literatures (available on Pubmed), all of these entries have been manually curated and annotated, we anticipate this database serves as a compendium for functional annotation of Uttarakhand medicinal plants at genomic scale.

Question: How can we contribute to this project?
Answer: If you have a list of known/ unknown records associated to medicinal plants based in Uttarakhand, please contact us on

Question: How can I query and use Uttarakhand Medicinal Plant Database?
Answer: You can search species against specific list of medicinal plants embedded in database. A wide gamut of tools and their APIs are being embedded to make this an effective web-portal.

Question: Can I download the entire database?
Answer: You may request the authors by sending a requisition on why and how you are going to use it.

Question: Can I give print or save the plant information embedded in this database?
Answer: Yes you can make a print or save the plant specific information in PDF format.

Question: When and how can I find the Database updated?
Answer: Please join us at facebook for weekly updates.

Question: If our plant is already submitted in Royal Botanical Garden Database, can I find the record linked to Uttarakhand Medicinal Plant Database?
Answer: We are trying to impart Royal Botanical Garden Database Linkout now. With Royal Botanical Garden Database Linkout, the queried plant species would have a direct reference to the records in the reference databases.

Question: When I query a record of my interest, I get normalization/SQL error. Please help.
Answer: Please ensure that your port settings are open for: 80. You may mail us for any queries, you have.

Question: Is there an Application Program Interface (API) for the Uttarakhand Medicinal Plant Database? This will allow us to link it to our webserver?
Answer: Yes, the Uttarakhand Medicinal Plant Database is currently a beta version. We will have an API of it for you to host it internally.

Question: Is Uttarakhand Medicinal Plant Database compliant with Minimum Information for Bioinformatics Investigation (MIABI) standards?
Answer: Yes please. We are working on it. The converse may not be possible until the Database lapses the beta version.

Question: Can I search Uttarakhand Medicinal Plant Database to find out the plant species according their geographical regions?
Answer: Yes you can search plants in Uttarakhand Medicinal Plant Database for various geographical regions i.e Kumaon, Garhwal etc.